How Are Law Firms Adapting to Today’s Demanding Customers?

The MD of one of the UK’s very best retailers was recently asked on the radio “What makes you so great at retailing?” his answer was clear “Don’t think like a retailer, think like a customer!”

This premise applies to all sorts of businesses but what about the hallowed towers of the law firms, are they adapting their businesses to put the customer first or is it business as usual ……. ‘This is the way it’s always been done why change now?’

Well the answer to that question is simple, if you want to survive and thrive then you have to adapt, whatever your business sector or service. Many law firms, and this includes some ardent clients, have realised the need to streamline their businesses, they want to simplify everyday processes and spend more time on their law work. These law firms want the bottom line value of increased productivity and, above all, longer term operational cost reductions. Law firms also want to develop competitive advantage through offering their clients better service, instant information, greater transparency of systems, increased reporting, tracking and communication, total security and, from a client perspective, what could be better than all this at a competitive price.

The need for streamlining a business and the increasingly sophisticated demands of clients may seem to be diametrically opposed, but this is where some of ardent’s clients are taking the initiative & adapting. The trick is in recognising and isolating the areas of the business where, as lawyers, they really add value – the places where a great legal mind is essential and a client is happy to pay the price. Once this has been taken out of the equation what is left in the business model is the repetitive, time consuming manual processes, the disruptive calls from clients wondering what is happening, the details that need to be constantly checked and the key dates that are missed due to workload, these are all processes that when managed differently are delivering both the demands of the business and the clients.

How are they doing this? The answer is comprehensive business management software designed and built by ardent with lawyers and case work specifically in mind, software that takes all the grunt work out of the processes and leaves the lawyers time to concentrate on the law! ardent has created a rich feature set of cloud based, responsive self-serving case management portals with integrated e-commerce to free up caseworker time and give clients the transparency they crave. If that sounds too complicated, it really isn’t, the move from paper to digital is a tried and tested process. ardent already have clients using their legal software systems, law firms that are improving their productivity, reducing their costs and, through this clever technology, driving profits and happy clients.

The teams at ardent are helping law firms to adapt and to thrive and possibly even more importantly these are the legal firms that can put the customers’ needs at the heart of their growth strategies.

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