TEBSYS – New modular software for business management & development

Giri Damodaran tells us all about TEBSYS – a flagship product suite from ardent that allows businesses to measure performance, improve efficiency and cut waste. The TEBSYS software ensures that the whole of the organisation is focussing on key business goals thus delivering return on investment on all activity.

The TEBSYS development team have more than 2 decades of experience across different domains and understand the key pain points in enterprise that impact on business performance. The analysis of the pain points led to the integrated suite of TEBSYS modules that address the key issues and enable business growth.

TEBSYS is designed to give greater visibility of business flow throughout the organisation -the key functionalities of the TEBSYS system:

  1. Business Contact Manager
  2. Estimation and Quotation
  3. Frameworks and Orders
  4. Projects
  5. Timesheets and Work-logs
  6. Billings and Expenses

TEBSYS can be configured on ardent Cloud and also as standalone application and the current release includes the first 2 modules. ardent is planning to release the next modules in phases over the next 3 – 4 months. Some of the features of TEBSYS that make it a first choice for clients are:

  • TEBSYS pricing is dynamic and based on current business trend and defined profits
  • TEBSYS is completely customisable as per business requirements
  • TEBSYS is highly scale-able
  • TEBSYS has high level security – (on SaaS but still the subscribers can have their database at their own location – your data stays with you)
  • TEBSYS has a customisable user interface
  • TEBSYS application can be used by every employee of the organisation

For more information call ardent on 0044 (o) 1582 870 180