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Care & Counselling

In the current austere climate, government-funded care is being scaled back putting care providers under significant pressure. In addition, compliance and risk assessment requirements, which are usually an analogue process, and the need for greater transparency puts further pressure on an already stretched system.

The Ardent care framework supports service providers to increase appropriate transparency, free up administrative burden and costs, and provide a better standard of care to your clients whilst placing intelligent reporting at your fingertips.

We understand that each organisation and its clients has its own unique sets of challenges, to accomodate these, the platform is built around loosely coupled interfaces to ensure we are able to cost-effectively customise it to your specific needs. It is also built around responsive principles to ensure data can easily be entered on mobile devices which means care providers can input data while with clients. This ensures real time stats, better risk monitoring, better reporting and better data protection.

Ardent is ISO27001 accredited by BSI. This means we take the security of your data very seriously and dataflows complies with Caldicott principles.

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Spotless Data

Spotless is the new API that cleanses data. It has been written and is operated by a team of Data Scientists who have spent the last 10 years working with dirty data and it incorporates all of our expertise in a single API. Spotless can clean; data that has been manually entered, data that has being transferred between two platforms or systems, data with different editorial policies (e.g. TV show titles), data that’s grown over time (e.g CRM data), semi-structured data with inconsistent natural reference keys, Tableau geographies, URL and email validations, address validations. Much more is coming soon.