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As an extention of your team, you will always find us at the heart of every solution with superHuman effort and superTech focus to create value for your business. 

Our services

Ardent are here to make IT easy for your company. We use our up-to-the-minute tech expertise to provide cutting edge software development services, big data management and analytics, application development and Cloud management.

Big Data Management

Data is the new oil. In today’s data-rich world, successful companies can gain competitive advantage from smart business intelligence and decision-making systems – and that’s all down to the way they manage their big data.  Ardent is your data management expert; we can help deliver a better understanding of your business and transform the way you run your organisation using big data management and analytics.  

Data Preparation
Single Customer View
Dashboards and Visualisation
Digital Transformation
Enterprise Solutions
Application Support

Application Development

Whether you’re planning a cutting edge mobile app or require support to take care of your company’s enterprise applications, Ardent has the expertise you need. With our knowledge and experience of the latest technologies and best practices, we can help you to automate, customise, integrate and migrate software applications.

Software Product Development

Whether you are a start-up or an established company, our software development services can meet your needs. We’ll help you design and build software that really works, offer product support and even work with your in-house team to provide external software development support. Our product engineers can offer a range of software development solutions to suit your company.

Software Engineering
Product Deployment
Testing and Support
Cloud Architecture
Cloud Migration
Maintenance and Support

Cloud Management

Migrate to the Cloud, keep your data secure and monitor your Cloud enterprise 24*7. Ardent’s Cloud Engineers are here to help your business take the next step. We provide a complete Cloud management and monitoring service, offering everything you need for a seamless and efficient Cloud experience.

Software System Integration

With a range of carefully chosen technology partners, Ardent can implement the best solutions for your business. From payment systems to enterprise applications and databases, Ardent can help you to integrate the software systems that will offer your business the best ROI. We take a seamless approach to ensure that your software integration is swift, clean and efficient.

Payments Integration
Application Integration
Database Integration
Product Testing
Test Automation
Daily Testing

Independent Software Testing

Don’t let anything fall through the cracks. Our independent product testing team will work with you to devise a testing plan, designed to ensure that your project is subject to continuous, rigorous and systematic testing throughout its life cycle. From the discovery stage, right through to implementation, our Quality Engineers will use a combination of automated and manual testing to help make your software development project a success.

Dedicated software developers and engineers

Is your business struggling to recruit or reluctant to take on full time employees? Ardent Managed Services (AMS) can help fill the gap and assist in helping scale development teams. Whether you require software development services, expert data engineers or a high-quality testing or support team, AMS is a flexible and cost-effective way to obtain the skills and talent you require. We will work with you to identify and recruit the skilled developers that are required to meet your business needs. All of our dedicated software developers and engineers are highly qualified individuals with up-to-the-minute training. We participate in a quality assurance scheme that guarantees the qualifications and ability of your dedicated team members.

Software Engineers
Data Engineers
Test and Support Engineers