Let’s have a chat with the multi award winning young entrepreneur, Joe Daniels

Today we are interviewing Joe Daniels who is a Multi Award Winning Young Entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Aux Tech Group, Project Etopia & Auxiliary Group, and he is the Ambassador of the world’s largest private university & Founder of The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.

Joe is the joint owner of Project Etopia. Project Etopia is an Eco housing company providing the world’s first Luxury, Affordable, bill less, carbon neutral smart homes made from recycled glass material. Both commercial and domestic.

Today we will be interviewing Joe about Aux Tech. Aux Tech is a conglomerate owning Avantech Systems (An Eco Engineering installation and Solution Companies), RelteUK (Revolutionary LED Company) , The E-Home System (New affordable smart home system company) , New Undisclosed Name Solar Company.

Let’s find out more about Aux Tech from Founder and CEO Joe Daniels.


Hi Joe!

Thank you for joining us, hope you are well.

Let’s start with you telling us a bit about Aux Tech Group

Aux Tech group is a company that is about Tomorrow’s Living Today. We are focusing on making liveable, economic and environmental technology affordable to the public on a domestic and commercial level.

Some of the larger companies are focusing on Wearable Technologies, where as we at Aux Tech see the future is in Livable Technology. Technologies that have Economic Benefits, Lifestyle benefits and help make living easier and smoother.
We have created some of the most revolutionary products and systems within Aux Tech to assist our overall goal within Project E-Topia. Project E-Topia is about creating an Economic and Environmental Utopia the world over.

Currently in development under Aux Tech Group are Etopian Homes (The Worlds first affordable, bill less, carbon positive, luxury smart homes made from a recycled material), Relte UK (New Advanced LED lighting technology enabling easier replacement for energy saving), Avantech Systems (Eco Engineering Development company), E-system (A affordable retrofit eco engineering system to create bill less environments and add luxury to existing homes) , E-System (The worlds first hardwired affordable all in one smart home system), E-Panel (Brand New solar technology without need of inverter and reduced installation time).

That’s really cool, so what inspired you and your co-founders to start Aux Tech Group?

So the short version (As short as it can be)

Growing up I never had much opportunity. Classified as a nusiance in school due to my energy levels I was cast aside and never fell into the Academic learning group. Then through turbulence growing up, times were difficult and this caused me to leave home at 15. My mother then came down with mental illness and spent numerous weeks and months in hospital. At 17 I moved back in with my mother to help care for my younger sister (My father wasn’t around due to alcohol). On welfare/benefit we were unable to afford bills due to high private rents and often went only eating one meal a day. We spent a large number of winter nights, wrapped up together on the couch in a quilt due to not having heating and cold showers mid winter were the norm.

It was at this point I turned my life to crime. My hunger to help provide for my mother and sister lead me into a lifestyle most would be shocked with. In all honesty, most would be disgusted with. I thought I was doing the only thing a kid could do without any grades. Things were rough but it paid the bills and then some. It was not until a disastrous year in 2012 that I turned my life around and started my first business. In 2012 I experienced partial blindness, loss of family, loss of life, homelessness, drug addiction and almost spent a long term in jail for a very serious offence.

I had hit rock bottom and realized once you have been to hell and back, there was nothing left to fear.

Starting a music label in 2012, honing my skills in business, I soon developed a media company, modelling agency and business solutions company. But these things were never really my “passion” everyday I would remember the cold winter nights, shower, and thought that with my new found knowledge and skill for business. Maybe I could make a difference. That is when I got together with my now COO Ash Pearce, building together what we have today. We have searched the globe high and low to source and find products that not only make money, but also, save the consumer money and make’s their life easier without the feel of guilt from harming the planet.


Wow, that’s really inspiring and commendable for turning your life around. And thank you for sharing your story with us.

From when Aux Tech Group was created, how much has it grown and where do you hope Aux Tech Group to be in five years’ time?

Thankyou :)

Aux Tech group was only developed less than 6 months ago. Since then we have a number of property developments in planning and have imported the world’s leaving liveable technologies for an affordable cost, the sky really is the limit for Aux Tech.

With expansion talks already taking place for China, Malaysia, America, Canada, Germany and South Africa our objective at Aux Tech within 5 years is to have liveable technology in at least 20% of homes the world over and also have started a new standard of building for bill less, sustainable, recycled homes.


That’s really exciting and we wish you all the best with that.

From your past experiences and building Aux Tech, what is the most inspiring advice you can give to start-ups and entrepreneurs in this group?

Never give, up. it sounds cliche but it couldnt be more true. Trying to be a businessman and entreprenuer is the single most difficult thing anyone will ever do. The Ups the downs and the heatbreak never stop, but the rewards are just as much.
If you start the journey, dont stop. People will ask you, when is the money coming, when are you going to make it. If they knew what it took to be an entrepreneur and businessman they would not ask these questions, so dont let it effect you. Follow your dreams and use the hunger and passion inside to reach these goals.

Arianna Huffington – ” You must do what your dream, even whilst your afraid” This couldn’t be truer never give up on your dreams, even when your most scared.

Two of my personal quotes are

“One you take the fear away, there is nothing left but to succeed”
“Everybody is capable of greatness, we just have to perceive it as our reality”



That’s really good advice and thank you for sharing the quotes with us.

Lastly can you tell us more about the team behind Aux Tech Group

The C Level team consist of myself as CEO of the group, My COO Ash Pearce and CSO Luke Regan.

Me and Ash are in charge of over looking all operations within the group of companies and Luke is responsible for New Products and building efficient sales teams around said products.

Each product then has its own Customer Care team and operations team that report back to our COO.

Our Partners at TufEco help deal with construction of exterior of our housing system and then our head engineer deals overlooks the housing developments.

Our Team is growing rapidly, currently at the rate of 1 new employee a week and about to raise to two.

With an Average company age of 22 we are all young, hungry, passionate and intelligent to change the world.


That’s fantastic and we wish you all the best.

Thank you very much for taking your time out and participating in the interview Joe.