Let’s find out more about Lowdownapp from Co-Founder David Senior

David is the CEO of Lowdownapp Ltd and MD for Spark33 Ltd

He has over 18 year experience as a Technology Consultant & Business Development for CC, SCC, BT, HP.

He has generated over £100m total new business sales to large Enterprise companies such as- Worldcom, Ford, BBC, WPP, O2, VT Group, Vodafone, Cable & Wireless, Sony and many more….

In 2012 David founded Spark33 Ltd to advise CxO’s with challenges associated with Mobile and Mobile Apps.

Then In 2013 David co-founded Lowdownapp Ltd to make smarter mobile first services for professionals so they can focus on more human interactions.

David is also a contributor in technology writing and technology blogger for TechCrunch, Tech Radar Pro and others.


Hi David!

Thank you very much for joining us!

Let’s start by you sharing with us a bit about Lowdownapp Ltd

Sure, Hi Priya and Hi all – Lowdownapp Ltd is a London based mobile software startup founded in 2013 by myself an ex Tech Consultant and Michael Worley a Mobile app Consultant to create Lowdown an iPhone service that helps professionals (CxO’s, Business Owners and Freelancers) prepare for meetings by sourcing useful information, instantly.

A digital assistant, kinda like a cross between Alan Turing and Miss Moneypenny.

Love your reference, makes sense!

Tell us yours and your Co-Founder Michael’s inspiration behind creating Lowdownapp Ltd

In 2013 Michael and I ran Spark33 Ltd a mobile app consultancy www.spark33.co.uk and spent a great deal of time attending meetings all over the country. As professionals, we preferred to be prepared, so needed to know where it was, how to get there, who we were meeting, about them and their company etc etc. this always took a fair amount of time, searching website and apps for the info we needed to be prepared, confident and ready for each client meeting.

One day travelling back to London from Birmingham, we tried to do this on our iPhone 4’s (at the time) and spent the whole journey struggling to get the info we needed – signal dropping our, poor quality mobile experiences and websites, its then the idea for Lowdown dawned on us and we knew we had the skills and experience to turn it into a large, scalable, global business.


From when Lowdownapp Ltd was created, how much has it grown and where do you hope Lowdownapp Ltd to be in five years’ time?

Lowdown was released globally in June 2014, since then we have thousands of weekly active consumer users covering 90% of the Fortune500 in 23 countries. Last month we announced Lowdown for Business – a customised version for the enterprise, integrating into internal systems – CRM, Notes, Email etc. we’ve been approached by 6 global enterprises in the last 2 weeks alone, so it’s super early days still but going way better than expected.

We see the explosion of information and content, but a lack of time, causing problems for busy professionals, Lowdown focuses on the Attention Economy – search Wikipedia, and provides the fastest route to information in a context – a business meeting.

In 5 years, we hope to be in the start up Unicorn Club with a $1b valuation. More importantly we want to help by allowing people more time to focus on human interactions when meeting others, not mundanely searching for routine info – we’ll do that bit for you.


We wish you the best of luck with that and I’m sure you will achieve your goal.

From your past experiences, what is the most inspiring advice you can give to start-ups and entrepreneurs in this group?

Everything takes longer and costs twice or three times as much as your most realistic estimate when first starting out (and I say this having acted very fast for 14hrs a day for 2 years), things just take longer than a positive optimist thinks :-)

Seek out advice and listen, but make your own decisions and make them quickly, advisors don’t know your day to day business as well as you and never will.

+ watch or listen to this – http://untether.tv/2014/first-year-mobile-startup-lowdown-co-founder-david-senior/

Interview with me on my perils as a startup CEO


Oh fantastic, thank you for sharing that David !

Lastly can you tell us more about the team behind Lowdownapp Ltd

There’s only 4 of us – I’m CEO – whatever that means, I normally say its raising awareness and raising money, with a background in Enterprise IT Sales to FTSE100’s

Michael Worley is Product Director – 7 years consulting in Mobile apps – he’s consulted on over 1,000 apps and runs the Dev Team + created the design, UX and UI of Lowdown.

Ivan Sivukha – CTO – 7 years in mobile, previously algorithmic trading, writes our algorithms and artificial intelligence engines, previously worked with Michael, so they have a great working dynamic.

Flo Ceri – master Social Media Marketing expert, runs all our social channels, check them out.

Supporting us are investors – most of which are friends and family that believe in the dream.


Thank you so much for your time David and sharing your wisdom with us.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to post you questions on here

Have a good weekend!