Innovative health care start-ups to watch in 2015

The healthcare industry is huge and in need of change to make it better for patients and healthcare professionals.

Here are some of the most innovative health care start-ups that are changing the industry for the better – keep your eyes peeled for them!

Transforming nutritional information and health via data, Edamam organises the world’s food knowledge and has hopes to become the nutrition engine of the web. Edamam allows businesses companies to provide real time nutrition analysis and diet recommendations to their patients, making it quick easy and cost effective!


TalkSession is a web of network of leading mental health care providers who are devoted to making global mental health care accessible, acceptable and affordable for all affected.

What this amazing start-up does it that it improves access to mental health treatment, anabling mobile video to connect last-minute provider availabilities with patients on demand. This is has all been possible through web-based tools, and now TalkSession is enhancing the quality of care delivered and improving treatment outcomes.


ABPathfinder delivers autism therapy software carried as a therapy management tool to assist therapists in defining and administering therapy programs for patients with autism. Using this software, therapists save administrative time, reduce staff training costs and improve the quality and consistency of therapy delivery.

This software uses data analytics, ABPathfinder to forecast patient’s outcomes, set performance targets and acts as a resource pool for researchers.


Pocket Anatomy
When you go to the doctor, do you remember everything the doctor said? Generally information is diluted by the time patient’s gets home. Pocket Anatomy creates interactive 3D medical anatomy software as a visual aid for doctors to explain procedures and conditions to the patients.

The founders of this software have brilliant and varied background in medicinal, gaming and 3D animation, where combined has provided an understanding of medical education and health care between doctor and patient.


Docphin is a simple and fantastic mobile and web platforms that offers medical professionals a simple way to keep up with medical research. Health care professionals are able to personalise access and connect through evidence-based research, as well as empowering hospitals to meet new accreditation and funding requirements.


Butterfly Network, Inc.
Butterfly Network is ground breaking new approach as its main purpose is to understand the patient’s issues. One of the systems being developed by Butterfly Network is a medical imaging device that can generate 3D images in real time, so the healthcare professional can for example hold the device against the patient’s heart allowing insight into the patient’s body – neat!


Is a hub of network that offers connection between hospitals and blood centres in the USA to ensure the efficient and seamless flow of life-saving blood products to patients in need. So what are the benefits for the hospitals and blood centres? A direct access to a varied base of premier blood centres. Blood centre benefits: A direct reach to a broader base of hospitals across numerous geographies.

As you can see there are a number of healthcare start-ups out there ready to change the healthcare system for the better.

We have worked with a number of start-ups, especially in the healthcare industry. We have helped built patient care systems, Ambulance patient systems, performance management systems and much more.

We understand the pains and the needs of the healthcare industry and therefore have the right mind set and experience to empower healthcare technologies to reach its full potential.