Ecommerce news: Waitrose and House of Fraser have plans for online investments

We’re well into 2015 (went super quick) and businesses are looking into ways to further engage with their customers and what better way to do it then to make life, well shopping life, easier by being able to buy online safely and securely.
Department store chain House of Fraser (HoF) and supermarket group Waitrose are planning ecommerce investments this year of 2015. During the festive period (feels so long ago now) Both retailers boomed in sales and found that many want to buy online, so they have plans to enhance their online selling platform.
Running up to Christmas period both HoF and Waitrose saw an increase compare to the previous year and beat most of their competitors.
Online sales were up by 31.2% at HoF and 26.3% at Waitrose. Both retailers referenced their individual investments in stores and online as key reasons for their sales rises, with each business also suggesting that further significant ecommerce-related activity is planned for 2015.
Their aim and objectives are to improve their online position, develop both in-house brands and premium branded products and invest in stores and especially online to provide their customers an enhanced shopping experience.

With furthering HoF and Waitrose ecommerce investment they expect to see sales growth and customer base growth in using this channel of payment and shopping. Waitrose is continuing to build volume in its online grocery operations with the opening of a new bespoke fulfilment centre in Coulsdon, which is expected to employ 450 members of staff by the end of January 2016.
Your customers do more than just the traditional in-store buying. Your customers buy online, on their phone or on their tablet. It makes shopping life easier for your customers as they can but as they continue with their daily activities.
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