6 Cloud Trends For 2015

2014 saw Cloud boom as more businesses were implementing the Cloud into their processes. So it only seems fitting that in 2015 we expect to see the Cloud mature as a platform for hybrid operations.
There are a number of changes we saw with Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was one of them as they, at the of year 2014, took an enterprise-oriented turn, adding remarkable services such as AWS Aurora, a MySQL database service that can replace Oracle or an AWS Code Deploy service to make it easier for businesses to launch their workload on EC2.
So what do we predict for 2015 with Cloud and businesses?
2015 will be the rush of enterprise workloads moving migrating to Cloud. I think it’s safe to say that 2014 was more around the plans for businesses migrating to the Cloud. However this year we are more likely to see businesses implementing the Cloud into their business processes. The Cloud providers that we could see pop up are likes of AWS, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, and the managed service experts Rackspace.


Better pricing with second tier
There will visibly be more of a two tier public Cloud structure.

Expectedly, in the top tier will remain Amazon, Azure, SoftLayer, and Google Compute/App Engines. However, start-ups, independent developers, small businesses, and tech-savvy enthusiasts will settle to a low-price, minimalist infrastructure tier.


Security will protect the workloads
Software-defined security will integrate with the software-defined data centre and escort workloads into the Cloud. If we can define the network, the storage system, and containers and virtual machines on host servers in software, then we can also define the security that must accompany them with software systems. Guarding the data centre perimeter is a hardware-based, if not fortress-based, concept. Security needs to follow with the software asset.


A Hybrid public Cloud
A Cloud provider cannot simply connect their data centres to the Internet, cloud providers need to multiply their private-line carriers to bring enterprise data into their facility in a secure and compliant way.


Internet of Things (IoT) tangoes with Big Data
Intel launched its Internet of Things Platform to assist with managing the connectivity and security of multiplying devices. The value of the secure and connected devices, however, will only increase in 2015 as the Internet of Things goes in conjunction, or tangoes with Big Data. As data streams into Hadoop and other Big Data sources, groups like the Industrial Internet Consortium, in which Intel, IBM, GE and Cisco are members, can collect information from bulky manufacturing operations and facilities and discover ways to reduce energy consumption, save time, and save costs off manufacturing lines.


So as you can see, Cloud has a promising and maturing future ahead in 2015. Cloud has been able to grow in a way that works for businesses whether a start-up or an enterprise, it’s a way of saving costs and improving business efficiencies.

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