I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.

- Thomas Jefferson

Our History

Ardent learnt the hard way, we were once a start-up in London trying to grow from scratch, we know how difficult it is. Now Ardent is an international company with multi-discipline teams in three continents, developing technology for some of the worlds’ biggest businesses and supporting innovative startup teams get their feet on the ladder of success. We have not forgotten out roots, it is our experience of building a business that now helps all our clients from startups and beyond to get to the source of their barriers to growth, we help them find the best technology solutions and support them through the whole process and beyond. Many of our clients see Ardent as their very own out-of-house technology development team!

This is our story …
Back in 2007 we were an enthusiastic startup team in London developing an ERP system that automated processes for growing businesses. Our technology development was self-funded. When the recession hit the UK, getting further funding to continue to develop the business was hard to find! Like many startups we had to think on our feet and had set up a development office in Mumbai to reduce costs and enable fast scale-up.

Like many startups we learnt things the hard way! Though it didn’t feel like it at the time, the knowledge and learning was of immense value. What we realized was - so many technology startups and software vendors have similar challenges with scaling their development team. In most instances there would be significant cost saving if they could find a reliable partner to provide development support, this in turn would free up budget for going to market and growth. In conducting your own trial and error, you lose valuable time and it may or may not work, whereas an experienced partner could help provide roadmap, knowledge, handholding and an ‘On Demand’ service to support your core development team.

And that is when, in 2008, Ardentisys (Ardent) really launched.

The team at Ardent defined a Development and Support Solutions Delivery Framework that enable us to provide face-to-face client Project Management and architecture design. We use the experience and knowledge of the Ardent India team to build, quality assure and provide remote support. Finalization and handover is at offices local to the client which gives full visibility of the project with a robust communication process that includes bringing the client into the Ardent Framework. This ensures the client always has full control and visibility of project outcomes.

At Ardent a key to our success is the focus on Continuing Professional Development and Professional Accreditation to ensure that our team is engaged in a wide range of technology. For a developer this keeps it exciting and interesting, for Ardent clients it means the quality of the solution and delivery is second to none.
There are many Ardent clients who came to us as startups, who we have helped grow through to acquisition and integrated into well-known brands and blue chip companies.. Ardent too has grown and developed as a business, we now serve the needs of startups, large enterprises and international businesses of all sizes, particularly in the areas of Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Management, Product Engineering and 24/7 technical support.

Our values remain that of a startup; lean, agile, dynamic with a go-getter approach. Our experience, gives us greater insight into our assessment of business challenges and our knowledge of having delivered tried and tested solutions to our clients, enables us to bring the breadth and depth of our experiences and learnings to your business.

Ardent empowers you to achieve full potential by providing technology solutions in a simple, efficient and future proof way.

ONE Million business users supported in over 16 countries.

TWO Business awards in the last year.

THREE locations to serve our clients and partners

FOUR HUNDRED million subscriber data managed on behalf of clients.