Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love

- Mother Teresa
Our History at Ardent

Our History

Ardent learnt the hard way, we were once a start-up in London trying to grow from scratch, we know how difficult it is. Now Ardent is an international company with multi-discipline teams in three continents, developing technology for some of the worlds’ biggest businesses and supporting innovative startup teams get their feet on the ladder of success. We have not forgotten out roots, it is our experience of building a business that now helps all our clients from startups and beyond to get to the source of their barriers to growth, we help them find the best technology solutions and support them through the whole process and beyond. Many of our clients see Ardent as their very own out-of-house technology development team! This is our story …

Meet the Team

In all honest … we do have some serious software geeks who rave about the future of tech in a language all of their own, but you’d expect that from experts who are always 10 steps ahead of the game. However, we can also offer mind-blowing BBQ’s, solutions to The Times crossword, a breakdown of the winning strategy (or not) used by Liverpool FC and everything you ever wanted to know about cricket, just a few of our many ‘alternative’ specialist subjects!!

Why Us

We’re simply the best, but we would say that wouldn’t we! How can we prove it, well … why not take a look at some of our client video testimonials, read some of our case studies or talk to one of our clients. Assuming you’re not an industrial spy we are confident that they will be happy to share their experiences of Ardent and what you hear will back up our position. Sometimes you just have to tell it how it is.

Our Approach

We can use the same adjectives as everyone else to describe what we do and how we do it but we genuinely approach things differently. We don’t just do off the shelf because we don’t believe that one size or one brand fits all. We will listen, question and challenge your thinking to make sure of the real barriers to growth within your business, then propose the most appropriate solutions. We do have a few adjectives alongside a few verbs we think you should read …

Meet our Partners

There is no point in reinventing the wheel and there are many brilliant, massive brands out there who are perfectly placed to solve some of businesses most common problems. At Ardent we embrace them, we work with them, learn from them and incorporate their clever stuff into our bespoke solutions. In effect we become partners but as you can see we are promiscuous! For our clients we can choose which of these megastars has the best solution to your problem.


At Ardent we like to do things properly. Whether we are providing a product or service, getting involved with a software partner or developing our team and our best practice business promise, we aim for the very highest levels of excellence. Our clients expect us to be second to none and that is always what we aim to deliver.

Social Contribution

Being part of the local community at any of our locations is integral to the way we do business, we take CSR seriously, it’s not a box ticking exercise at Ardent it’s all part of our philosophy. We do what we can to make a difference and to contribute to society in as many ways as we can, we can’t promise to save the world but it’s sometimes the little things that can really make a difference.


If you’re brilliant – we want you, if you want to be brilliant - we want you, if you simply believe that you have the energy, enthusiasm and drive to make a difference to our business – we want you. Ardent is building for the future and if you want a career rather than a job and you want to be part of that exciting ever changing future – then get in touch.