It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.

- Arthur Conan Doyle

Big Data Management and Analytics

Data is the new oil. Collating data from disparate data sources and creating smart business intelligence and decision making systems is today’s route to gaining competitive advantage. Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Sciences working well together deliver better understanding of your business and is transformative for any organization. Ardent is your data management expert.

Ardent has an established Data Practice that can provide Data Warehousing, Cleansing, Extraction, Transformation, Loading and Business Intelligence services. We bring together ready to use proprietary solutions and select technology partners to provide clients cost effective, tried and tested data services.

Ardent helps a wide range of large blue chip clients and technology vendors helping clients manage petabytes and terabytes of customer data. Recent work includes cold and warm Data Migration, Deployment and Data Analytics services On Demand or Dedicated.

Data Integration, Transformation and Loading
80% of Business Intelligence and Analytics projects rely on a reliable ETL process. Working with large Telecoms and Media companies, Ardent has proven expertise in extracting, cleaning, transforming and delivering source data into a datastore for querying, analytics and decision-making.
Single Customer View, Data Warehousing and Reporting
Customers engage with your business through a variety of channels. Rich customer insights sit in your data within disparate systems. Getting a holistic view of the customer and their past behaviour becomes impossible unless the data is pulled together from these disparate systems. Ardent can help bring all this data into an easily managed master data file to provide a 360 view of your customers for better targeting and business intelligence.
Database Design, Migration and Support
Working with Telecoms, Media and Travel clients, we have undertaken some of the largest Database Schema redesign and migration to Redshift, Oracle or MS SQL Server projects, ensuring your data is clean, accurate and fit for purpose. We can help you move your existing Database infrastructure to the Cloud and help you support your Big Data projects.
Data Visualisation, Business Intelligence and Analytics

We can help you understand your data and the business intelligence embedded within your data. At Ardent we’ve successfully delivered drag and drop visualisation solutions, rich dashboards and reporting solutions for Technology, Media and Public sector organisations.