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'If you have the energy, enthusiasm and drive to make a SUPERPOSITIVE impact – we want you.'

At Ardent, we invest in building teams of software, data and test engineers dedicated to technological excellence. We recruit the best talent based on attitude and commitment and encourage our people to engage with cross-functional mentors from within the organisation to learn and understand different perspectives to encourage both professional growth and personal fulfilment. Training and certifications are an important part of life at Ardent. As a fast growing business we offer challenging opportunities for people who have a go-getter attitude and would like to make a visible difference using their professional skills and expertise.

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Skills and experience are essential but not everything at Ardent. When we are recruiting we are looking for three key ingredients in a potential employee:
Attitude, Approach and Personal Drive

Kick Start your Career

At Ardent we don’t just provide basic introductions to your colleagues or teams, that’s simply not enough. You will be introduced to everyone at all levels within Ardent using the Ardent internal newsletter and you will find a warm supportive welcome not only that, we will also help you find a mentor within Ardent to help you grow from both a personal and professional perspective.

Diversity and Learning

You will be enriched by the diversity of cultures, backgrounds and experiences of the people at Ardent. Our people come from many parts and regions of the world and that makes Ardent a really vibrant place to work that actively celebrates diversity. You will be given every opportunity to advance your skills and accelerate your career.

Growth and Rewards

Staying still is not Ardent: passion for progress is! We will help you embrace the new, change what’s out-dated and learn the very latest thinking. You will be given the keys to the front door of your career journey. You will get benefits that are right for you, recognising and rewarding top performers is our culture.

Leadership and Future

Life and work is not about always winning, it’s about learning through mistakes, improving on what you’ve done before, and bringing that knowledge of the known to a new unknown. The fast pace at which we’re growing allows you to show your capabilities and proven track record and swiftly move to the front and take the lead. We want leaders at Ardent to help guide us into the future.
Opportunities at Luton, United Kingdom
Opportunities at Mumbai, India